Ecopetrol updates its Contracting Manual

Ecopetrol updates its Contracting Manual

Ecopetrol presents a new version of the Contracting Manual (GAB-M-001), which contains the regulatory framework for the activities and legal transactions carried out by Ecopetrol S.A., for the management of the supply of goods and services.

Version No. 2 of this Manual, valid since June 21, 2022. The update of this content responds to the following topics:

Updating in accordance with the Transparency Law (Law 2195 of 2022) and the Operating Model of the Ecopetrol S.A. Supply Chain Management Process. 

Modernization of contractual rules and processes that allow greater effectiveness and efficiency in contracting. 

• Development of a framework for adaptability and universalization of contractual instruments based on private law and the best national and international practices in contracting.

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